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Like what you see here at Cragmama?  You can check out more of my writing and see what other projects I’m involved in at the following places…

Additional Blogs I Have Contributed for…

Trango Extraordinary Climbing Gear Blog – regular updates as one of Trango’s sponsored athletes
Athleta Chi Blog:  regular contributions as part of Athleta’s 2012 sponsorship programs
Women’s Adventure Magazine (as part of “The Adventure Moms“)
Climbing Magazine
Cruxn Climber Blogs
The Active Times

Printed Publications:
Women’s Adventure Magazine: “Finding the Sacred in Life, In Ourselves, and in Adventure” (w/Kristen Lummis and Jen Charrette)
                                                                “Climbing” (Master’s Dept)
Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine:  “Should Parents Take Life-Threatening Risks When Pursuing Their Outdoor Passions?”
Nature Rocks Summer Activity Guide (2011): “Alphabet Hunt” and “Field Guide” Activities

Other Articles I’ve Written:

Outside Online:  5 Essentials for Kid Climbers 
What to Expect Parenting Blog:  Redefining Adventure Vacations with a Kiddo in Tow
Alpine Athena: Cragmama Chronicles 
Wild Sister Magazine, Issue 7: “A Wild Mama’s Adventure
Women’s Adventure Magazine: “From Climber Chick to Mountain Mama
Recreating With Kids: “6 Climbing Tips with Cragmama”
PembaServes: “Kids and the Outdoors: Make it a Family Affair
Brave Ski Mom Blog: “Climbing, Risk, and Motherhood”
Adventure Parents: “5 Rules Rock Climbing Moms Live By”
Adventure Tykes: “Climbing with Your Tyke”
The Outdoor Adventure: “Climbing 101″
Outdoor Baby Network: “On Raising a Cragbaby”
Children & Nature Network: “Calling All Cragbabies”
Active Kids Club:  –
Gettin’ Wet n’ Wild at the Crag”
Rainy Day Gear Review:  Oakiwear Adventure Suit” 
The Sun Didn’t Shine…” (This article won the Active Kids Club 2011 April Shower Blog Contest 

Charlotte News and Observer: “Even Pregnancy didn’t Slow Down this Rock Climber
Today’s Charlotte Woman Magazine: “Crazy Bout Craggin'”  
Aventures in Parenthood Project:  “5.11 at 9 Months: Cragmama Erica Lineberry

Mamavation TV: appeared on 11/14/11 as a guest on the show discussing “Camping with Kids and Cold Weather Tips”, and on 6/4/12 discussing “Getting Started with Camping and Beating the Heat”
Skedaddle: “Erica Lineberry, Wild Child” (as part of Skedaddle’s “Adventuring Moms” series)
Chicks Climbing:  “The Evolution of Cragmama”

Mentions and Shout Outs: 
Voted Circle of Moms Top 25 Health and Wellness Blogs in 2012
Expedition News: Featured 
July 2011 issue “Our Favorite ‘New’ Climbing Websites
Mountain Mama: Expecting Adventure (About Us)

Other Projects:

Creating a Cragbaby – A short “day in the life” film piece on our “cragfamily” filmed by Jan Balster in January 2011
Parlier’s Project – A documentary film about the development of bouldering in Grayson Highlands State Park, VA


Bouldering First Ascents:

Grayson Highlands State Park –
Bear Paws (V4)
Papoose’s Rain Dance (V3)
Metamorphosis (V3)
Three’s a Crowd (V3)
Arrowhead Arete (V2)
Cows on the Run (V1)
Stalagmite (V0)

2 Responses to “Media”

  1. Dear Erica,

    Hi, my name is Brian. 

    My wife and I spent the last few years filming a family adventure movie set in the outdoors. We like your blog (and especially the sentimental snapshots) and we were hoping you would think that it would go well with our film that we are trying to promote on kickstarter. is a relatively new website that uses crowd-funding to help finance creative projects. 

     Our movie is about a mom who takes her two kids to go visit grandma in the woods. On the way home, the mother gets into a car accident and the kids are left alone in the woods. The six year old plops his baby sister into his back-pack and the two of them make their way back to Grandma’s, encountering hobos, wolves, and raging rivers along the way. Its kind of like the movie ‘Milo and Otis’, but with young kids instead of animals. 

    The movie is geared toward parents like you. Parents who aren’t afraid to let their kids get dirty in the great outdoors and climb over big giant rocks. If this interests you in the slightest, you can check out more information on our project and see our trailer at:

    Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the trailer to our film.

    Brian and Ann-Marie


  2. Hello! I am an outdoor writer working on a book entitled Girl Gone Wild- On Being a Woman in the Wilderness. I am running a kickstarter to fund the promotion, development, and publication of the book and am wondering if you would be interested in helping me promote, either as a guest blogger, or by posting a link to the project. You can view the project and find links to my writing and website here:

    Thanks! Ruby


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN