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Mountain Mama (to-be for less than 3 weeks!)

We had to make sure all traces of our games were gone before the next school day ūüôā

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything –¬†partly because we’ve been¬†insanely busy preparing for Canaan’s arrival, and partly because there’s been nothing terribly exciting to report.¬† This week, however, has been quite exciting for many reasons!


First of all, my work peeps threw me a lovely shower on Wednesday of this past week.¬† It was actually a double shower for me and one of the Kindergarten teachers, who is due 11 days after me.¬† Being that its a big group of teachers, of course we had to play games! First there was “Who pooed in the diaper?,” which consisted of identifying the correct candy bar that was melted into each diaper.¬† Then there was a Baby Food Flavor guessing game, followed by “Pin the Sperm on the Egg,”¬† a PG-13 version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”¬† Followed by some fabulous cake and gifts, it made for a really fun evening!

The clean 5.11 streak is hanging on by a thread at 37 weeks. We had fun taking some non-climbing friends to TRC for some Saturday morning fun!

My most exciting piece of news is that I was contacted this week by Mountain-Mama about a sponsorship!¬† They are a new company that will be selling outdoor technical apparel in maternity and nursing-friendly styles!¬† Their clothing will be available in August of 2010.¬† The ironic part about all of this is that I have done a lot of complaining about the lack of maternity clothing for women that do any sort of athletic endeavor besides yoga (as if cotton yoga pants could stand up to a full day of cragging…) and just got offered a fantastic hook-up with gear when I have less than three weeks to go…Oh well, I’m just excited that there is a company out there that is filling this niche, and that I get to be a part of it – plus the timing is perfect for me as far as all the nursing gear goes!

I added some Mountain Mama flair to the Element!

I received a welcome package from them yesterday afternoon (too bad our mailman wasn’t on the ball enough to get it to our house before I left for the climbing gym yesterday morning!)¬† and was ecstatic to receive a long-sleeve shirt as well as a tank top from Mountain-Mama.¬† Both were a perfect fit, and are super duper comfy!¬† I would have lived in these shirts my entire pregnancy had they been available!¬† As it is, you can bet I’ll wear them at work at least once or twice this week!

Trying out my Mountain Mama long sleeve maternity shirt!

Well, I was psyched to test out all my new gear, and it was a beautiful afternoon, especially considering soggy start to the morning, so Steve and I decided to walk over to Lake Lynn for a nice lap around the lake.¬† Lots of folks were out enjoying the weather, and we even ran into two girls that we knew – we showed off my new duds, and one of the girls said, “I would have LOVED to have had stuff like that when I was pregnant!”¬† Score one point for Mountain-Mama!

So this next week will be my last week of work.¬† My replacement has been shadowing me for the past few weeks and teaching some of my classes, and will be doing pretty much all of the teaching¬†this week, with the exception of a field trip Tuesday afternoon.¬† I am counting down the days, but I have mixed feelings about it.¬† I’m anxious to leave because that means that it’ll be time to start a new adventure, but at the same time, I will be really sad to leave my co-workers and students, since I really do enjoy my job.¬† It will be hard saying good-bye to folks I have worked with for years, but I¬†can’t wait¬†to say hello to this new little guy that is about to make an appearance!

Something this camping mama takes on every trip is a portable countertop ice-maker! It fits perfectly in the RV and has just what we need to cool us off from a rigorous climbing session. Check out these countertop ice maker reviews!

My new Mountain Mama tank top!

So with the excitement of all¬†this change and transition going on in my life right now, it only seems appropriate to end this post with the slogan for Mountain Mama – “Because adventure doesn’t end with pregnancy – its just the beginning.”¬† I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Steve, Canaan and I in the coming months, but we are definitely expecting an adventure!


4 Responses to “Mountain Mama (to-be for less than 3 weeks!)”

  1. Love it, Erica! You are exactly who we had in mind when launching Mountain Mama! I can’t wait to hear about every twist and turn (and figure-four and dyno!) on this next adventure.


  2. The new clothing DOES look way more comfy!


  3. Beth Lineberry

    I love the new clothes and Mountain Mama couldn’t have selected a better spokesperson. I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures.


  4. Laura

    Wow Erica, you are the most fit full term pregnant person I have ever seen in real life! You look great! Can’t wait to see pictures of your munchkin.


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