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Cragbaby’s Year in Highlights!

With all of the end of year Highlight Week talk that’s been going around our house, Cragbaby wanted in on some of the action as well.  But considering that his verbage is rather limited still (actually its more untranslatable than limited….), I thought it would be easier to share his highlights in the form of pictures and captions…

5.  An Adventure Suit – This spring Mommy got me an Adventure Suit so that I can play all day in the rain and not get wet!

4. Photography Lessons – Manuela let me be her special assistant. This will come in handy for me later since I want to be a photographer when I grow up. Either that or a fireman. Or maybe a drummer in a rock band. Good thing I have plenty of time to decide.


3.  The Honeymooner’s Ladders – Finally I got to climb something tall!  Mommy spotted me real close because she was afraid I would fall, but I didn’t.  When I go back I’ll be an even bigger boy and I bet I can make it to the top!

2.  Meeting Chris Sharma – I got to meet Chris Sharma at the New River Rendezvous.  I wanted to wait in line by myself, but Mommy was just sure that I needed her help.  

1. Little Clear Creek Swimming Hole – My favoritest climbing day ever was in Tennessee when we got to play in the water after we finished climbing.  I wore my sandals and splashed around.  I accidentally cried when Mommy jumped off a boulder because she disappeared under the water and I got scared.  But then I realized that she did it on purpose and that it was fun, so I practiced putting my face in the water too.  I wanted to jump in but my Daddy said maybe next year when I’m bigger.

So that concludes Highlight Week.  Time to archive all of that 2011 fun and make room for more memories in 2012!


9 Responses to “Cragbaby’s Year in Highlights!”

  1. Just look at all the things you’ve done in 2011! Can’t wait to see where you go and what you learn in 2012! 🙂


  2. I want an adventure suit! RT “@Cragmama: New post: Here’s Cragbaby’s top 5 #adventure moments of 2011! #climb”


  3. Could he be any more adorable? Congratulations on a superlative year!


  4. Super cute! Looks like you all had a great year 🙂


  5. Cragbaby’s Year in Highlights! via @cragmama


  6. @womenoutdoors @cragmama wow, cragbaby had a big year! 🙂


  7. Miriam

    Congrats on the Honeymooner’s Ladders. I’m terrified of ladders especially that one. I was so scared that a nice boy offered to carry my pack up for me. I accepted his offer. I can climb rocks. Not ladders. This is a true story. A lowlight for me.


  8. Dear Cragbaby! I love to have you as my special assistant – you’re a quick learner:) You’re also my favorite photography subject, but don’t tell anyone!
    PS: your life is way exciting – you’re a lucky little guy!


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