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Just a Touch of Redneck

Dear Trango,
“Sorry I haven’t been able to send in any videos yet.  I’ve been too busy catching cutting edge footage of my 2 year old son being hauled by a giant radio-controlled truck.” 

The Clodbuster. With a freshly air-brushed body, courtesy of a family project a few weeks ago...

This post shows that our family can have fun doing more than just climbing.  Unfortunately it also proves that our family also has a bit of a redneck side, which I hadn’t really been all that aware of until I found myself agreeing that this seemed like not only a great family activity, but also a perfect video opportunity.  But what can I do?  I might as well embrace it…At least one neighbor thought it was pretty funny too though (or maybe she was laughing AT us…).

So how exactly did this scenario unfold?  I’m not really sure, as my husband was the mastermind(?) with the brilliant idea.  All I know is that over dinner one night Steve says rather casually, “So I tried to pull C with the Clodbuster earlier today.”   What you need to know about Steve to fill in the blanks of this story is the history of the Clodbuster.  Steve was really into R/C cars back in his middle and high school years, and this particular truck was built from scratch in 1991, so some parts of it are over 20 years old.  His interest in R/C cars has waxed and waned during his responsible grown-up years, but since C is all boy and loves tinkering with tools, he’s gotten back into it in recent months.  Several times per week the boys will go outside after dinner and play – driving (and crashing) any number of old R/C cars, trucks, and even helicopters, much to the terror amusement of the aforementioned neighbor’s cat.  I’ve come to learn that it really is true what they about the only difference between men and boys being the size of their toys…

Anyway, when Steve mentioned his latest Daddy/Son activity, I knew that was a debacle that I couldn’t pass up.  So after dinner we went outside for Round 2, which was for the most part successful, except for the (edited out) part where the motor started to overheat pulling C up the slight incline in our yard.  There have since been some revisions to the equipment in the name of efficiency (like using a static piece of cord rather than a bungee cord) but the original video is priceless so I just had to share it.  So enjoy! (or be appalled at our hillbilly endeavors).


9 Responses to “Just a Touch of Redneck”

  1. I LOVE it! I especially love the little thing the CragBaby is holding that he obviously thinks is a remote control… or is it? 🙂


  2. Haha! Norbert and I are cracking up at your little redneck! So adorable! Love that he’s wearing his helmet… safety first, even when pulled by a remote Clodbuster!


  3. Joy

    oh that is too cute, love it!


  4. Do you want to adopt a 50 year old climber so he can play with C’s toys?


  5. Lol. That was sooo cute!


  6. I wanna play too!


  7. April Mafturak

    Love it! 😀


  8. Beth Lineberry

    I love seeing my “little” boy all grown up playing with his little boy! You guys are a hoot!


  9. Sam Stephens

    I approve!


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