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Sentimental Snapshots: The Weedman

Our household has been logging a lot of landscaping hours in recent weeks – we’ve been digging holes, planting flowers, pruning branches, and of course, pulling weeds. While Cragbaby is thankfully proving to be a fan of all yardwork, his favorite activity so far seems to be yanking up the weeds. In the interest of out new plants, this probably means that a few plant identification lessons are in order (maybe we’ll make a field guide!)

I like this picture because of how happy my little guy looks amidst what most people would think of as a mundane chore at best. It makes me realize that many times we may miss out on everyday joy because of our attitude.  Cragbaby sees every activity as a learning experience and a chance to have fun, and I can only imagine how different my day would be if I adopted the same perspective.  What life lessons have you learned from your toddler lately?


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  1. Landscaping can b so therapeutic. Hmmm. From my toddler… I’m taking all the cuddles she gives even if its in the middle of me doing dishes… b/c i know she will grow up like her sibs and be too busy for hugs most times.


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN