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Stonewear Designs – A Review Collage (and GIVEAWAY!!!)

Double Cross Top in dry-flex fabric in the Needles, SD

All right ladies.  The Stonewear Designs team has just released their Fall Collection, so I figured it would be a great time to weigh in on what I think of this awesome company.  And just who the heck is Stonewear Designs?  I was hoping you might ask…Stonewear Designs is a technical women’s apparel company that has been around since 1996.  Originally filling a much-needed market niche for women’s climbing clothing, they have expanded their product lines to include clothing appropriate for all sorts of active lifestyles – whether it be at the crag, in the gym, or even in the backyard chasing after your kiddos!  At Stonewear, the end goal is to make products that “fit and flatter bodies of every type and make you want to stay active and healthy.”

Rockin Capris with another Double Cross Top – this one in organic cotton – at Ten Sleep Canyon, WY.

Nowadays my connection with Stonewear Designs is via Trango – they hang out under the same company umbrella.  Although my sponsorship is officially with Trango, I’ve had the pleasure of working with several of the Stonewear ladies over the past few months.  But my original love for Stonewear clothing goes back to the early days in my climbing journey, when I ran across some ladies rockin these threads at my first New River Rendezvous in 2007.  I immediately went home and bought 3 of their tank tops – each with an equally funky and unique strap design across the back – including one with their old-school “ladder back” design that I so wish they’d bring back!  I was delighted at how well all 3 not only looked, but also functioned – and believe it or not, those same 3 tops are still in my regular climbing wardrobe rotation.  And to be honest, they don’t really look any different than they did the day I bought them 5 years ago (and believe me, they’ve put up with more than their fair share of abuse!)  

But this post is not about getting nostalgic about old clothes – it’s about how my newest threads have held up this summer, and why you should be psyched about the new Fall Collection!  Here’s a few of my favorite recent pieces, along with my honest, unbiased opinion…

Hiking with Cragbaby in Spearfish Canyon with my Kaia top.



Double Cross Top – This design is an oldie but a goodie.  The thin/thick straps on the back offer tried and true support, as well as attractive lines.  Currently they are made in a wicking “dry-flex” fabric that is soft, durable, and keeps me cool and dry.  

Kaia Top – This halter top design is very flattering, and I love how the length is pretty long, as it keeps the fabric from bunching up under my harness.  My top is in “carousel” pattern, which is a happy little light blue print with paisley type flowers.  Looks like they are on sale right now on the Stonewear website…

Cross Back Bra –  At first I was a little unsure whether this would be, ahem, substantial enough, but this has quickly turned into my go to sending wear!  The X pattern across the back makes for a perfect fit.  Again, mine is in the “carousel” pattern – it’s fun, feminine, and matches almost all of my shorts, pants, capris, etc…

Cross Back Bra with more Rockin Capris, also in Ten Sleep Canyon.




Rockin Capri – Great fabric, perfect fit, side slits for mobility, and a low-profile pocket on the thigh.  It doesn’t get much better than this – these capris work well just about anywhere.  I love them for both indoor and outdoor climbing, and they are also ridiculously comfortable when I’m just hanging out around the house.  Although I’ve only tried the capris, the “Rockin” design comes in pants and shorts as well, and I can only assume that they are just as good as their mid-length counterparts.  

So where can you find Stonewear gear locally?  I’ve always ordered online, but if you’d rather try a few things on in a real store instead of a cyber store, you can enter your zip code here and the nearest dealers will pop up.  (For all you Charlotte-ans, our best bet is Jesse Brown’s in Ballantyne.)  And if you’d like a chance to win a free headband from Stonewear, there’s a couple of ways you can do it.  First, leave a comment below about what you think of Stonewear clothing (if you’ve tried it), and/or what other brands you like for climbing/athletic wear.  For a second (and third!) entry, you can hop on facebook and give Stonewear and Cragmama each a like.  (Don’t forget to mention the facebook likes in your comment so I’ll know to give you an additional entry!)  The contest will run through Friday, August 31 at midnight, when a winner will be randomly selected.  Best of luck everyone!

The old-school Ladder Back Top, circa 2007. Made for interesting tan lines, but I wish I’d gotten more before they were discontinued…


12 Responses to “Stonewear Designs – A Review Collage (and GIVEAWAY!!!)”

  1. karen

    I like PrAna for most of my outdoor adventures, but mostly because their pants have a good (slightly longer) inseam.
    stonewear designs people-i know your reading this, have you thought about making a nursing variety of your tanks/bras? just a thought.


    • Erica

      Karen – Thanks for commenting. I’ve had mixed results with prAna stuff. On the one hand I’ve got two pairs of Bliss capris that have lasted forever through thick and thin. But I’ve had several tops that have gotten raggedy looking within just a few wears’washings. I think the idea of adding a nursing line to the Stonewear fleet sounds like a great idea…

    • Thank you Karen for your input about the nursing tanks. We actually hear from a lot of woman that our tops are perfect for nursing but we might consider adding this feature. Also, we are reintroducing the Ladder Back top into the Spring 2013 line available in February. The top will actually be called the Solace Top. We added a little length, made it in Space Dye Fabric (moisture wicking) and even added removable bra cups! Check it out online in February of 2013. Thanks Erica for the awesome review, we love your blog!!

  2. I don’t have Stonewear Designs in my closet but it’s definitely something that appeals to me and will fit my lifestyle! Liked stoneswear and cragmama on facebook


  3. Oh man, I have two Stonewear Designs sport bras that I bought at Miguel’s in the Red, back when we were climbing there (2002??). I still wear them all the time! They are faded but super soft and comfy. 🙂


  4. Brandy

    I typically wear prAna pants and shorts and champion sports bras and tanks. I prefer a real sports bra (ahem, support) and racerback tanks with no “shelf action” because it’s easier to strip down a layer without all that restrictive shelf action. BTW, I liked Stonewear Designs on FB!


  5. A Stonewear Ambassador just checking in … great coverage of some of their awesome pieces.

    I am new to Stonewear this year, and my primary use has been running and hiking. I agree, their capris are awesome for many purposes. And the tops (with the comfortable “floating” inner sports bra) just can’t be beat.

    Not entering your contest – just wanted to say “Hi”… I’ll help promote your post. 🙂


    • Erica

      Shawna – awesome, that means you have 3 entries!

      Kate – Yep, these clothes seem to last forever!

      Brandy – If it’s hot enough that I think I’m gonna eventually end up in just my sports bra, then I’ll usually wear a tank without a shelf bra, just for ease of layering like you said. But during the majority of the year when a wicking tank top is plenty, I think the shelf bra tank is awesome to have! 🙂

      Colorado Mountain Mom – Thanks for checking in and for promoting the post! 🙂

  6. I just pulled on my first pair of Rockin Capri’s and LOVE them! Terrific sturdy fabric and unlimited ease of movement while still providing that easy “hug” of support, they will be perfect for cooler fall morning runs. Bring on the fall, I can’t wait!


  7. Lisa

    I have to admit i’ve never heard of stonewear before this post but i’ll definitely have to check them out, they look great!


  8. Regi

    This is my first time to see Stonewear Designs and the Rockin Capri’s and the tops you are sportin’ look awesome!


  9. Millie

    This is also the first time I’ve really ever seen Stonewear Designs clothing. I am really interested in the Double Cross Top & Kaia Top. I like tops that have the built in bra with adequate support, as layering a top with a sports bra can tend to make it uncomfortably hot during summer NC climbs. I’ve gone with Prana, The North Face, and Under Armour in the past for tops with the built-in bra, but sometimes it feels like I could use a just little more support. For pants, I’ve gone with Lole & Kuhl pants, and have been really happy with how they’ve held up to the rock — very rugged, although I can’t say the same for my legs underneath. I’m always up for expanding my outdoor wardrobe though 🙂 I’ve liked Cragmama & Stonewear Designs on FB too.


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