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Play Hard, Sleep Hard (and GIVEAWAY!)

Today’s Sentimental Snapshot is twofold.  First off, it represents how everyone in our family feels at the end of the summer.  South Dakota, Wyoming, Ocean Isle Beach, New River Gorge, Obed Scenic River, visits FROM family, visits TO family, and of course several day trips to local crags thrown in for good measure – it seems to reflect Cragbaby’s motto of “Play Now, Sleep Later.”  It’s a recipe for loads of fun and family memories, but sooner or later it catches up with you and you have to stop and take a break!  So this picture is an accurate representation of how our entire family has been feeling lately…  

Secondly, this picture is important to me because it’s one of the last photos I took of Cragbaby in his crib.  Yep, that’s right, my little C is now in a big boy bed! A lot of folks had told us that we needed to get him out of the crib around a year old when he first learned to climb out of the crib…but we knew he wasn’t ready then. We considered an idea of a mattress on the floor. Thankfully the climbing out didn’t become a problem, as on the rare occasions he wanted to attempt it when I wasn’t in the room were almost always announced with “Mommy, spot C!”  The switch oddly enough happened a few weeks ago while our family was beaching at Ocean Isle – he was having a lot of trouble going to sleep, and on the second night he made it quite clear that he wanted no part of the pack and play – so the big queen bed it was.  The first couple of nights we kept expecting to be woken up with a big boom coming from the next room, but thankfully that never happened.  Instead, we opened his door every morning and were delighted to see a sweet C sitting up in his giant bed, reading a book we’d left for him on the nightstand.  

And with that, another summer is gone, and another milestone is reached!  My little boy is growing up, although his “play now, sleep later” mentality seems to be sticking with him.  Anyone else lives by that same motto?  If not, how would you sum up your approach to balancing fun versus work versus rest?  And another question – does it involve caffeine?  If it does, you’ve got a chance to score a caffeinated care package from the folks at Peet’s Coffee and Tea.  They have generously agreed to reward one lucky reader with a Summer Prize Pack with a 16 ounce Tumbler as well as a bag of their special Baridi Iced blend coffee.  To enter, all you have to do is answer the previous question – How would you sum up your approach to balancing fun versus work versus rest?  Play now, sleep later?  Or something else…Contest will run through Thursday, September 13, when a winner will be randomly selected.  Good luck to all and thanks for reading!



9 Responses to “Play Hard, Sleep Hard (and GIVEAWAY!)”

  1. First off, “work”, as in my 8-5 job, has become more and more to represent 8-5 to me as I’ve had a family. I want to get it done while I am in the office and get home to the ones I love. The housework part always waits until it NEEDS to be done.

    I usually plan to sleep later, like when I’m dead, but now that baby #2 has taken residence I crash whe s/he says. I am not a sleep late kind of person, so this means naps usually when #1 naps on weekends only, if housework isn’t at the MUST stage.

    And, since our move to CA, our pledge to do something new EVERY WEEKEND, and with the new baby on the horizon, this means getting serious about bed time (like 9:00!!)

    A brisk morning walk is a good start to the day lately… And a shower. But a little coffee helps!


  2. Coffee allows me to work hard, play hard, and wake from deep sleep. Coffee and I became great friends in my teenage years and the motto in our house remains, “Don’t molest the coffee!” which means take it black or I take it back! My relationship with Coffee is an every changing relationship sometimes even throughout a given week. Now as I type, it keeps me awake after a 4-hour sleep that was interrupted in the middle by a long awake time in between those two restless sleep hours. At times it serves as only a quick wake up call for work in the morning. On the weekends, Coffee plays a role as a ritual. Such an important part to my morning ritual that my sister-in-law commented on my “Camping Pack Checklist” that the majority of the items revolved around my ability to make Coffee while camping. Coffee sometimes serves as the impetus that allows me to work my formal job, perform my motherly duties and run my side business as an artist. But, Coffee is sometimes just my friend to hang out with in the morning before everyone else is awake. Just me and Coffee and a little quiet time…


  3. Millie

    For many MANY years now, my approach, summed up, has been pretty straightforward, albeit not always consistent (have to have a little flexibility now): Work hard, Play Harder, Sleep HARDEST. If it ever came to a choice, sleep would tend to trump everything else…..although, given my profession, enough fear would definitely make work come out ahead at times — whether I needed sleep or not….


  4. Amazing to see the little one growing up so fast. Congrats on the graduation from the crib, Erica!

    To your question: Being 25, my life has been a little work, mostly fun, but with a healthy dose of rest. Until 3 or 4 years ago, sleeping in until 1 or 2pm (or later…) was not uncommon.

    Since I graduated college and am now luckily among the workforce, I am having to cut down on fun and rest in place of more work. I think I would go crazy if I cut too much fun out, so I’ve had to cut back on sleep, sometimes waking up as early as *gasp* 7am! Coffee had to become a big part of my life in order to make that happen, whether it be scarfing some down at work or enjoying a relaxing cup at home.

    I suppose I’ve had similar amounts of fun my whole life, and have been slowly exchanging the copious amounts of sleep I used to get for work time. It can be tough, but it is definitely worth it.


  5. I keep in mind that I work to live, not the other way around. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is crucial. So’s coffee. I’ve also got three young kids at home so I wind up getting up early for work, working hard, coming home early (and trying to leave work at the office, but not always successfully), playing hard with the kids for a few hours before bed, and then crashing hard. I don’t get as much sleep as I should, especially when I try to cram in some outdoors adventure into the cracks, so occasionally there’s a reboot day where I’ll sleep late and just chill. And drink more coffee.


  6. I am currently a stay at home mom and I have the “live in the moment” approach. We always have lots of play outside and the kids tell me when it is time to go inside. I try to do my “work” at night or during bath time!


  7. You’re my heroine, Erica! I have enough trouble finding a balance with work, fun and sleep, and I don’t have any cragbabies to worry about 🙂 But balance is super important to me, and I firmly believe there’s no such thing as “I don’t have time.” We all make choices with how to spend our hours, and even though some of those choices might not really feel like ours, they are 🙂

    I have an 8-5, M-F schedule with work, though during busy periods, I can end up working a lot more than that! I fit in CrossFit workouts in the early morning hours if I need to, but generally stick to evening workouts if I can. Sleep is super important to me, and I find I’m significantly more productive in everything I do if I get enough of it. Weekends are usually devoted to hiking and playing outside, and I’ve found that 1-2 days of outdoor fun can tide me over through busy periods at work until I’m able to go on longer trips. The “life” part of work-life balance is the most important thing to me; if that suffers, I’m not a happy camper.

    And one thing’s for sure – mornings aren’t good mornings without coffee! I don’t need it to survive, but it’s such a part of my morning ritual that I can’t imagine not having it. Thanks so much for running this contest!


  8. meredith

    I usually work until its done and then I have better rest b/c I dont have to worry about it lingering over my head to do later! I definitely have had several sleepless nights trying to get all my stuff done, as my job is not the normal 9-5. Thanks for the giveaway – fingers crossed


  9. great post thanks for sharing …


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