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My Stonewear Designs “Preggo Picks” (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Tomorrow marks the official halfway point of my pregnancy – 20 weeks down, 20 more (or less…) to go!  And what better way to commemorate making it this far than by reviewing some of my favorite “non-maternity” preggo threads from Stonewear Designs!  Even more fun, my fellow Stonewear Ambassador Amelia Mayer is ALSO pregnant (3 weeks ahead of me) and is ALSO blogging about her preggo faves today!  And between our 2 posts, our readers will have a chance to score some sweet Stonewear threads!  Amelia and I are built differently and are carrying differently, so it’s no wonder that we have different choices, although some of our picks do overlap.  But together I think we show that Stonewear really does fit every body – even in pregnancy!  

One of Stonewear’s mantras is that clothing should be COMFORTABLE, which also happens to be what most pregnant women are looking for!  That’s why it came as no surprise to me that as I’ve slowly but methodically grown out of my jeans one by one, my Stonewear threads have remained a constant in my wardrobe both day and night!  And while ALL of their clothes are cozy and stretchy (and therefore forgiving…), there have been a few items in my closet that have quickly become permanent staples in my day to day wear.  

All smiles on Wild Seed (5.11a) at the New River Gorge (Rockin' Capris and Felicity Tunic)

All smiles on Wild Seed (5.11a) at the New River Gorge (Rockin’ Capris and Felicity Tunic)

SOLACE TOP:  When I’m not pregnant, I love the sexy ladder-strap styling in the back.  In fact, this ladder back style was one of my very first Stonewear purchases 6 years ago!  Every climbing chick knows you can never have too many strappy tank tops, right?  But as I’ve expanded, I’m finding myself more and more grateful of the relaxed fit and slightly longer length.  The extra fabric around my midsection offered a flattering fit during that dreaded “looking-bigger-but-not-yet-looking-pregnant” stage.

FELICITY TUNIC:  Because of my long torso, I need extra length before I start needing extra width.  This top is the longest in Stonewear’s support top line (27 inches).  The empire waist provides a flattering fit that drapes beautifully over an expanding belly while accentuating the upper curves that most pregnant women are thrilled about!  (And for the non-pregnant body, this top is the perfect climbing gym-to-coffeeshop pairing!)  A built in bra provides plenty of support for most activities, but the straps are wide enough to accomodate a regular bra during the early weeks when your (*ahem)girls might be a little bit sore.  

ROCKIN CAPRI:  These have been my go to climbing “bottoms” ever since I discovered them 2 years ago.  Warmer than shorts on crisp fall mornings, but cooler than pants once the sun starts baking, these capris are made from a very durable, wicking fabric that is oh-so-soft.  The side leg vents are  great for mobility, but my favorite feature is the zipped pocket on the left side – perfect for storing my phone in the event that I need quick access to capture a cute candid of my little guy at the crag (which happens pretty often 😉 )  As far as pregnancy goes, the waistband has gracefully expanded through those first few weeks of bloating as well as the beginning stages of my developing baby bump.  They hug my newfound curves snug enough to keep my pants from falling down, but not so tightly that they feel restricting.  

Tying in with the Solace Top and Rockin' Capris at 18 weeks

Tying in with the Solace Top and Rockin’ Capris at 18 weeks

ROCKIN PANT:  This pant has all the same bells and whistles featured in the Rockin Capri, but with the added bonus of availability in 3 different lengths – petite, regular, and long.  (For comparison purposes, I’m 5’5″ and the regular length is perfect for hiking and day to day – for climbing they are a little bit long, but stay up just fine after rolling the legs up a few times over.)

MERIDIAN CAPRI:  This is probably the most comfortable piece out of the whole bunch – there’s enough stretch in these babies that I wouldn’t be surprised if I made it all the way in these!  A relaxed fit and wider leg than the Rockin’ collection, these bottoms have proven to be just as durable despite the much lighter-weight fabric.  The only thing I wish it had was a pocket!  

I can’t promise that these clothes will last for the duration of my ENTIRE pregnancy, but I can promise they are in it for the long haul.  And in the likely event that I have to retire my Stonewear threads for those last few weeks when I am large and in charge, I know they’ll be a welcome sight those first few postpartum weeks and beyond!  
And because Stonewear is so awesome, they’ve decided to share the love a little bit – with a giveaway of either the Rockin’ pants or  capris (winner’s choice!)  To enter, just use the Rafflecopter Widget below. If you are a loyal reader, you’ll notice this is a new way to do giveaways…I’m hoping it will make it easier to manage multiple entries for things besides commenting, but when you comment, you MUST click the “+1” button on the widget in order to be counted in the giveaway, since the widget is what “chooses” the winner.  From there you can add multiple entries for facebook likes, tweeting the giveaway, and subscribing to Stonewear’s newsletter!  If you have any trouble getting it to work, please email me at infoATcragmamaDOTcom.   And don’t forget about Amelia’s picks – head here to read her post and enter her giveaway of the Lola Hoody!  

If you’ve tried Stonewear, what are your favorite pieces?  If you haven’t, what would you most like to try?

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  1. Adrian

    I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I plan to continue climbing throughout my pregnancy. I’d love to have some functional climbing clothes during my pregnancy. The Felicity Tunic and the Meridian Capri sound awesome!


  2. Laureas

    I’m here from the tales of a mountain mama site and LOVE your website!


  3. would love to win!


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