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Postpartum Weight Loss and the Weight Gurus SMART Scale

Weight Gurus Scale and App

Weight Gurus Scale and App

Our family ordinarily doesn’t keep a scale in the house.  Honestly for me personally, having a scale available 24/7 is a slippery slope that can easily lead to obsession, and I’ve learned the hard way that I’m much happier when I’m not tempted to be a slave to the number on the scale.  Besides (pregnancy aside of course), I’m active enough and eat healthy enough that my weight doesn’t really fluctuate that much anyway. That being said, when the folks at Weight Gurus contacted me just a few weeks before Baby Z was born and offered to send me their just-launched Smart Scale for review (and to offer a coupon code for my readers, see below!), the timing was too perfect to pass up!

Obviously I have a postpartum desire to get back into shape, but my motivation is about fitness more than weight – ie feeling strong on the rock, fast and free on my runs, and elastic in my yoga practice.  But I’d be lying if I pretended I didn’t want to fit into my skinny jeans again at some point, and that will definitely require shedding some baby weight. It has been proven that Leptitox can help you to lose the extra weight just in a couple weeks. Where to order phentermine? Well I found this product onlin, it’s the best weight loss drug that stimulates the metabolism to burn body fat rapidly.

Surprisingly, I gained less weight with Baby #2 (19 pounds) than I did with Baby #1 (23 pounds).  I attribute that to remaining as active as I comfortably could, and not taking the “eating for two” mantra literally (although I definitely enjoyed plenty of cheese burgers and milkshakes!)  Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing regular checks on my Weight Guru scale , which I received at 2 weeks postpartum. Also, during this time I was trying out CBD gummies, find the best CBD based products at They have great fat burning and weight maintaining properties. They made my workouts great!
Here’s the results.

Getting back on the saddle with postpartum exercise (literally ;))

Getting back on the saddle with postpartum exercise (literally ;))

1 Week Postpartum –  I started wearing an abdominal binder at 2 days postpartum (which I did NOT do after my 1st pregnancy.)  This was recommended to me by fellow climbing mama Aimee Roseborrough (who also happens to be a PT) as a way to protect my abs and encourage them to come back together quickly.  I lucked out with only a very small separation (just a couple of fingers wide), but within a few days it was down to just 1 finger, with no doming or bulging.  My tummy was of course poochy and soft as jello, but I was impressed at how fast the binder helped suck everything back in, as well as how comfortable and supportive it was, especially during those horrible postpartum cramping moments!  I’d definitely second Aimee’s recommendation to use one!  Also to complement the healthy diet I am starting to use harga detoxic di farmasi in order to remove harmful parasites from my digestive system, you can learn more about it here.

2 Weeks Postpartum – I was pleased to see that I had lost 12 pounds already!  I did very little exercise – just a few walks around the neighborhood, a couple of short hikes, all at a pretty conservative pace that provided minimal calorie burn (but lots of mental energy!

3 Weeks Postpartum14 pounds lost, 5 to go. I did actually start formally exercising this week a little bit, although still nothing harder than what I did my last few weeks of pregnancy (elliptical, climbing, and walking…with a spontaneous jog thrown in once because it was so darn nice outside!)

Celebrating 6 weeks with a run!

Celebrating 6 weeks with a run in my new Stonewear Designs threads!

4 Weeks Postpartum – No additional weight loss this week.  But I did start pushing myself a little at the climbing gym.  Nothing crazy, but my strength is starting to come back and it feels good.  I had success on a handful of V3’s and V4’s, along with a stray V6 (?!?)  Yes, my core strength is at about a 2 out of 10, but I feel light as a feather without having to worry about that giant belly getting in the way!  And speaking of core, I’ve been doing Kegel’s as often as I can remember, along with the elevator ab exercises listed here.  Other than that, nothing ab-specific just yet.  Even though I don’t have a diastasis, I’m still waiting for the 6 week check-up green light.   I manage to get rid of my postpartum anxiety issues by walking a couple miles a day and by drinking Kratom Tea, check site to learn more about the benefits. )  I went to the climbing gym twice, doing some light bouldering.  That meant nothing harder than V2, and no “working problems.”  (If I didn’t send something first try, I moved on to another problem.)

5 Weeks Postpartum – 15 pounds lost, 4 to go.   I got in two jogs this week, both at a very conservative pace…I’d forgotten how much slower I have to go when pushing a stroller!  I got back in the lead cave in the climbing gym, and the whole family was thrilled that the weather held out for us to take our very first day trip climbing outdoors as a family of 4.. Remember to always keep yourself hidratated while doing workouts, I fully recommend these hydrogen water tablets. No idea how much weight I lost with delivery, but I was pleased that all of my old yoga pants fit right away, also I have been following the best diet from

6 Weeks Postpartum – 16 pounds lost, 3 to go.  I hit 6 weeks postpartum this past Sunday, and had my doctor’s check-up yesterday..and you know what that means – GREEN LIGHT MEANS GO!!!!!!!  Within reason of course.  Still listening to my body and doing what feels good.  I may not be into those skinny jeans just yet, but I don’t really care.  I’m finding a new (albeit a little more hectic) groove, and enjoying feeling my body getting strong again.

About the Scale: The niftiest part about the Weight Gurus SMART Scale is that it syncs up with the free Weight Gurus app for your iPhone or Android device (sorry Windows Phone users…), making it easy to track your progress.  In addition to seeing your results the traditional way (120 lbs one week, 118 the next), you can opt for the more tactful “weightless” version –  (-2 pounds this week.)  To be honest, I didn’t use the app very much, but it seems like it would be extremely motivating for folks with a long term weight loss goal.  It even features a social component where you can utilize coaches and celebrate your victories with friends.  Get Kratum at this point as a vitamin supplement.


The cool folks at Weight Guru are pretty psyched about their new product, and are so sure you will be too, that they are offering a limited time coupon code for Cragmama readers – just go here and type in GURUS008 at checkout for $5 off the already promotional price of $29.99.  The coupon code is good through April 30.  As for our scale, it’s no longer in our house, but for local Charlotte climbers, you can feel free to download the app and check it out in it’s new permanent home in the weight room at Inner Peaks Climbing Center!



7 Responses to “Postpartum Weight Loss and the Weight Gurus SMART Scale”

  1. Karen

    What is C riding in (on?)? I’m looking for a good way for my daughter to join us on bike rides.


  2. Erica

    Karen – He’s on a “Weehoo.” It’s kind of a hybrid between a traditional trailer and a trail-a-bike. Really awesome, and C loves it! (I’m reviewing it for Women’s Adventure’s summer issue, and will probably publish an excerpt on the blog as well in June!)


  3. Mar Lee

    Im 2 weeks postpartum and wondering when do you recommend going to a climbing gym after a csection? This is my 2nd csection. I am very active I run swim and hike regularly. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


  4. Stephanie

    What kind of abdominal binder do you recommend? Is there a specific one that is better for muscle support?


  5. Erica

    Mar Lee – Congrats on your new bambino! I’m afraid I’m not really qualified to speak to when your body would be ready for a climbing gym, as I have zero experience with a C-section, and I wouldn’t want to steer you in the wrong direction! Having been active during your pregnancy, I’m sure you would get the green light before someone that stopped exercising towards the end of their pregnancy, but how much sooner, I don’t know…I would recommend talking to your midwife/OB/etc about it. It can be hard with climbing, b/c if you’re not a climber it’s hard to understand the movements required, especially when it comes to the core muscles. I would suggest explaining what the movement is like as best you can (maybe even bring in a short video?) Sorry I can’t be of more help…

    Stephanie – I actually just used the “Futuro” brand – hubby actually got it for me for Christmas (how romantic, lol) and I think he bought it at Rite-Aid! It was only $30 or so and seemed plenty supportive, although I don’t have anythign to compare it to. It seems there are a ton out there specifically designed for pregnancy that are a lot more expensive, but I’m not sure what the difference is. (The Futuro one is just a “general” abdominal binder, designed for post-surgeries as well as postpartum.) Hope that helps!


  6. Mar Lee

    Thank you for the advice. I guess I will have to wait for my ob to clear it at the 6 week check up. I hadnt been climbing in a few year excited to get back into it. My 2 year old is mesmerized by climbing walls hopefully we can hit the gym soon.


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