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Biking Gloves from WeeRiderz (and GIVEAWAY!)

Big C making his tough(?) face as he models his new gloves

Big C making his tough(?) face as he models his new gloves

The past few weeks haven’t been the most amazing biking weather here in Charlotte.  After rain, more rain, and then an inch of ice, the trails are all but floating away.  Luckily, we have a great neighborhood for biking and we’ve been able to squeeze in some laps here and there.  While we were out and about, Big C had a chance to try out a new riding glove from WeeRiderz, a small family company based out of CA.

WeeRiderz was formed after founders Eric and Rachel Ortlieb saw a gaping hole in the market when it came to biking gloves. The Ortliebs decided to take matters into their own hands, and WeeRiderz was born!

While these gloves may look like simply a pint-sized version of their adult counterparts, a closer inspection will reveal many features designed specifically with little rippers in mind.  Wide openings make it easy to get hands in, and the loops at the end of the fingers make for easy off as well.  The soft material at the thumbs can catch runny noses without chapping the skin.

Winter adventure biking in the neighborhood.

Winter adventure biking in the neighborhood.

The quality looks good as well – durable fabric all around, with comfort padding stitched onto the palm sides.  With 4 cute pattern options to choose from, these gloves would be the perfect gift for your beginning biker (or scooter-er, skater, or even to use on the monkey bars!)


WeeRiderz was generous enough to offer up a free pair of gloves for one lucky Cragmama reader!  To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below and fill out the Rafflecopter Widget.  I would love to know how old your tykes are, and what they are riding these days – balance bikes, tricycle, training wheels, big kid bike, scooter, etc?

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12 Responses to “Biking Gloves from WeeRiderz (and GIVEAWAY!)”

  1. Karen

    My three year old has a balance bike and a seat attached to dad’s bike for longer trips.


    • Erica

      Aren’t balance bikes awesome?!? We use the trailer or the weehoo attachment for longer trips.

  2. Laura

    Kids are 4 and 2 and the oldest is on a balance bike!


    • Erica

      Big balance bike fans here too!

  3. Valerie

    I have a newly 6 year old on a cleary hedgehog and a 3 year old on a balance bike. But, since it’s winter, they can usually can be found riding their striders with the ski attachments! I wish they made those ski attachments for bigger bikes, they are so much fun!


    • Erica

      Hey Valerie! Sorry it took a while for your comment to show up – I was getting a lot of spam comments, so I had to change my settings so that I have to approve comments before they automatically go up. I so wish we lived in an area that got enough snow to warrant ski attachments!

  4. Valerie

    My 6 year old is riding a cleary hedgehog (with a specialized hot rock at grandmas’s house) and my 3 year old has a first bike balance bike and a specialized 12” pedal bike.


    • Valerie

      Sorry for the duplicate! You can cancel one. The posts weren’t updating so i didn’t know the original post had been successful!

  5. Hanni

    I have five boys that are all riding some kind of wheel. My older two ride regular bikes. I have two boys that ride balance bikes and my baby gets pushed around on a tricycle.


  6. It’s so challenging to find good gloves for the kiddos! I love hearing about these. I have two kiddos. My oldest son is six and rides a blue Cleary Owl. It’s perfect for him! And my younger son is three and rides a Like a Bike Jumper. He’s hardcore (loves the skatepark and pump track), so it suits him well. I only wished my bike was as nice as theirs!


  7. Diane Richards

    Mine is soon to be 3. She loves riding her scooter right now but going to get her a bike real soon.


    • Erica

      My son went through a scooter-only stage around that age. Now, anything with wheels will do!

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