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Epic Wipes…For When Your Kids (or You) are “Epically Dirty”

Recently I was contacted by the makers of Epic Wipes, a brand new kickstarter company that is making a product that EVERY outdoor family needs to have on hand.  We’ve had these wipes with us all spring – camping, climbing, beach-ing, etc, and we’ve been pretty impressed with the results (cleaner, better-smelling children.)  Here’s our take…

First off, these wipes are HU-NORMOUS (in case you are wondering, that is a combination of “huge” and “enormous”, a word made up by my 6 year old.)  Seriously, these wipes are super-sized; a double layer that stretches out over 2 and a half feet!  After a particularly dirty day out at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, I was delighted to realize that both of my children went from looking like orphaned chimney sweepers to adorable little minions in a matter of minutes.  More than enough to clean an entire grown-up body.

Too bad this picture was taken before we knew about Epic Wipes! 800 baby wipes later, it was still a dirty car ride home!

Too bad this picture was taken before we knew about Epic Wipes! 800 baby wipes later, it was still a dirty car ride home!

Yet unbelievably, the entire thing packs down to about the size of a Clif Bar.  That means you can hide a stash of them just about anywhere – car, backpack, bike panniers, etc.

My only complaint is that since they are SO big, we don’t always use the entire thing, so a resealable packaging would be nice.  (That being said, we had pretty good results resealing an barely used one in a ziploc bag once.)



…Luckily, we had some on hand for this trip to the Red River Gorge. This much fun requires wipes of epic proportions!

Trust me, these wipes are awesome – 10x better than regular old wipes.  And they will be available to the public SOON.  In fact, there kickstarter campaign is launching TODAY – you can check it out here and get more info.  Once the campaign is over, the wipes will be available for purchase on Amazon.  But for ONE lucky Cragmama reader, a free box of wipes will be headed your way in about a week!

To enter all you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter widget below.  Don’t forget to leave a comment about what scenario you would be most likely to use Epic Wipes!  Contest will run through midnight on Thursday, May 26th. Best of luck!

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5 Responses to “Epic Wipes…For When Your Kids (or You) are “Epically Dirty””

  1. Angel

    Epic Wipes would be most useful when my two boys practice or compete on wet, muddy, grassy fields for soccer, football and lacrosse. I could also use them on our yellow lab, who is not shy about running through or rolling around in mud!


  2. LILI

    outdoor climbing!


  3. Leslie

    These would be super useful on a climbing trip when you aren’t getting to shower on rest days!


  4. Diane Richards

    If we had Epic Wipes they would come in most handy during our mini outdoor adventures while hiking where there is no modern plumbing available to wash up after a mess is made.


  5. Heather S

    When our family is camping!


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