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Falls Lake Trail – Crag Preparation Hike #3

Canaan and I modeling our new wrap - Thanks Grandma!

So we went on another hike this weekend, this time along a section of the Falls Lake Trail, which is a 23 mile trail that skirts around Falls Lake north of Raleigh.  This trail is also part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, which is a collection of connecting trails that extends all the way across the state of North Carolina from, you guessed it, the mountains to  the sea.  We did a 5 mile-ish section that started at Blue Jay Point Park, which is about a 30-40 minute drive from our house.  This was the farthest away from our house that Canaan had ever been, but he didn’t seem to mind – I read somewhere recently (during one of Canaan’s many nighttime feeding frenzies) that to a newborn, home is where mom is.  🙂

Father/Son time in the Great Outdoors!

Our hike was peaceful yet uneventful – again, it was good to just get out somewhere other than the 5 mile radius around our house!  We also got to try out a new wrap that Canaan’s Great-Grandma had made for us.  I had asked her to make us one for two reasons – first of all, after dragging our other one through the woods and pollen last week, we realized it might not be a bad idea to have a designated indoor versus outdoor wrap.  Second, as summer quickly approaches and temperatures start rising, I wanted something with a lighter weight fabric.  Thankfully, my Grandma was more than willing to whip out her serger to help us out!

Still working on centering the wrap on my back the right way...

We lucked out with our timing that Canaan only needed to eat once along the trail, and it happened to coincide with our lunchtime as well.  We also got away without any diaper changes – which is good since a couple miles in we realized we’d left our dirty diaper container back at the house…Overall I’d say our day was pretty low key, but good times were had by all.  We are all looking forward to the days when Canaan will be big enough to explore all the cool things we pass by along the trail!  I have a feeling it will be like we are all seeing so many things for the first time again!

It sure is tiring being carried around all day!


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  1. Kathy Southern

    He’ll be hiking WITH you before you know it!


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