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Green Hour Connection: Fun on Wheels!

All strapped in and ready for a ride!

As most of you know, Cragbaby celebrated a birthday this past week!  Among his many presents were two items that we can utilize in our Green Hour playtimes.  The first was a wagon.  But this was no ordinary wagon – it was a Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon, complete with fold-up seats and cup holders!  I guess things have changed a bit since my wagon days, because it is definitely way more luxurious than any wagon I’ve ever had (or seen for that matter!).  Anyway, its fantastic!  The fold-up seats and seat belt system make going up and down hills a lot safer (not to mention more comfortable!) –  and belielve me, we put it to the test on some pretty rough terrain.  There is plenty of room for gear as well, which makes it perfect for a picnic outing at your local nature trail or park!  Now all Cragbaby is needs is a friend to ride in the other seat with him – any takers?

First stop on our Wagon Adventure was exploring some boulders along the trail!

This one warranted a closer look!


The other outdoor-friendly gift was made from the same company – the Radio Flyer Classic Bumper Car!  It’s a ride-on toy that Cragbaby can scoot around on using his feet, Flintstone-style.  Right now his little legs are about a half-inch too short for him to use it by himself, buthe LOVEs being pulled around in it!  (Oddly enough, he also likes walking along beside it pushing the steering wheel with his hands…)  The best part of the bumper car is the noises it makes – when it bumps into something, you’ll hear one of 7 crashing, banging, clanging, booming sounds that are sure to bring a smile to you and your little tyke’s face.

Cragbaby demonstrating the flip-up seats

The Bumper Car sits pretty low to the ground and the wheels are really small, so it works out better on a flat, even surface, like a driveway or patio.  (Save the off-roading for the wagon!)  The nice thing about it’s compact size is that the Bumper Car is maneuverable enough to be used in the house without causing total chaos!  When the sun goes down and Cragbaby’s Green Hour time is over, the fun can continue back in the house, where he can bump his way around cabinets, doorways, and dressers to his little heart’s content!

Taking the bumper car for a spin!

I think C’s fun new birthday toys will make for lots of Green Hour fun this spring – what about you?  Whether it’s for little tyke fun or grown-up fun outdoors, how does equipment add to your Green Hour experience?

The Bumper Car can double as a push-toy!


5 Responses to “Green Hour Connection: Fun on Wheels!”

  1. Beth Lineberry

    Canaan is riding in style–two different modes of transportation. AND they are both my favorite color–RED!!
    Enjoy the fun!


  2. Not only that- Cragbaby is STYLING in the process! Kudos on the good looking buff! He’s adorable!


  3. RT @GreenHour Today’s @GreenHour post: Fun on Wheels! #playoutdoors


  4. Brandy

    As always, I love this Erica! I wanted to get a wagon for Noah but we never did. Now we know which one to get!


  5. christie

    I’ll ride in the wagon with him!


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