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Sentimental Snapshots: Happy Campers!

This week marks the anniversary of Cragbaby’s first camping adventure, we got the camper at Shoppok! He had just turned 10 weeks old, and we spent three days and three nights climbing and camping at the New River Gorge, West Virginia.  (To read about that particular adventure, click here).  In some ways it seems like that experience was forever ago, and in other ways, it seems like its hardly been a month or so ago that C was that small!  Just like most things concerning parenting, there is a learning curve when it comes to babies in the wild, and we certainly made our fair share of mistakes along the way (and still do!)  I went back and counted it up, and best I can figure, in C’s first 14 months of life, he spent 26 days sleeping out under the stars (or thunderclouds…depending on the night).

The first of many family camping photos!

These weekend excursions haven’t always been the easiest – of course some nights were better than others. But overall, our family has made some amazing memories together that I wouldn’t trade for the world! What about you – do you remember your first camping trip? Or what other special family trips do you look back on and smile?


8 Responses to “Sentimental Snapshots: Happy Campers!”

  1. i LOVE this picture!


  2. Linda

    Even then – alert and enjoying who he was with and where he was – to the fullest extent!


  3. christie

    i cant recall my first camping trip, it may have been when we traveled across the country to relocate to the west coast. I do look back fondly as a kid when we used to go camping with the horses. Nothing like riding a horse in remote areas and absorbing all that nature has to offer while bonding with your horse. Its like both of you are gaining, we both get to enjoy a pure state while working through obstacles to get there building our partnership. Its hard to describe, but it makes me glow inside and out 🙂


  4. Is that baby puke on your sleeve? Haaaaha. Makes the pic that much better. Lucky little cragbaby…


    • Christie – that sounds awesome! I would love to take a backcountry trip on horseback one of these days!

      Lindsey – why yes in fact that is spit-up on my shoulder, thanks for noticing lol! Thank goodness we are out of THAT phase 🙂

  5. I loved our first overnight backcountry skiing trip – with 7 month old (full story here), I’m hanging out for some camping trips now the snow is finally melting!


  6. It’s so great to know that you took cragbaby camping at 10weeks. Our kiddo is just 3 weeks old today and we are itching to go camping. We thought we might have to wait until the end of the summer but maybe, just maybe you’ve inspired us to get out a bit earlier! Thanks for all the inspiration.


    • Megan – backcountry skiing…another activity that sounds amazing! Wish we had enough snow for that down here…

      Rebecca – Congratulations on your new little one!!! I remember that itching feeling quite well! You’ll know when your family is ready…thanks for reading!

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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN