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Cragmama’s been recieving a lot of cyber-buzz around the web these days, enough so that I felt like it was important to keep track of all Cragmama “press” in one spot so it can be referred to as a resource.  Hence, the birth of the “Media” page at the top of the site – feel free to check it out from time to time if you want the latest in Cragmama news outside of this site!

I just recently have had the opportunity to start writing for PembaServes, a consulting company that represents various brands in the Outdoor Industry.  My first piece was for their ongoing blog series, “Opportunities,” where I was asked to write about getting kids outdoors, in light of all of the scary couch potato statistics our society is becoming more and more well-known for.  If you are interested in the article, click here

I was also honored to be on the list of “Favorite ‘New’ Climbing Websites,” put out by, a climbing website that has articles on anything climbing-related that you could possibly imagine – gear reviews, regional beta, videos/photos, injuries and training advice…all presented with a witty sense of humor and fun. 

But I saved my most exciting piece of news for last…I’m gonna be a guidebook author(ess)!  A few weeks ago I was contacted by Earthbound Sports Publishing with the offer to put together a guide detailing all of the climbing to be had in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina – for you locals, that would be Moore’s Wall, Pilot Mountain, Crowder’s Mountain, and Stone Mountain.  Needless to say I have a lot of work ahead of me before the book is released hopefully by the end of 2012.  More details on that later!

Oh and by the way, in the coming weeks you’ll be able to get Cragmama stickers!  I’ll let you know when they become available for anyone that wants some – I’m also creating a special Photo Gallery for anyone that sends in a picture of their strategically placed Cragmama sticker, as an added incentive to spread the word about getting families and kids active and outside!  (Oh yeah and I’ll finally have a prize for everyone who plays “Name that Caption!”)


5 Responses to “Latest Cragmama Buzz”

  1. Matt Paden

    Dang, congrats on the guidebook. That’s awesome!


  2. Latest Cragmama Buzz via @cragmama


  3. Rebecca Renn

    So excited for you!! All the news is awesome, but the guide book news ROCKS!!! Congrats!!


  4. You’re killin’ em out there! Keep it up!


  5. Doris

    Erica, so so proud of you, well deserved!!


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