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Name that Caption: The Helmet Head Photoshoot

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Name That Caption post, but although I’m admittedly biased, I do think today’s is pretty darn cute.  This was taken a couple of months ago on a climbing trip to the New River Gorge in West Virginia.  The ever observant Cragbaby has taken an interest in head pieces – climbing helmets, bicycle helmets, sun hats, and of course tupperware containers.  His usual M.O. is to put it over his face first, give a long, echoing shout (a little reminiscent of a dinosaur roar, actually), and then put it on his head, usually sideways.

This picture is actually only one in a series of photos taken during a 20 minute span when C was entertaining everyone with his helmet antics at the base of the cliff. I like this one in particular because I think it highlights his joyful personality…so go ahead, take your best shot – NAME THAT CAPTION!!!  (Oh yeah, and everyone who participates will get an official Cragmama sticker!)


15 Responses to “Name that Caption: The Helmet Head Photoshoot”

  1. How about this hat? IN or OUT?


  2. Grace Chu

    If I don’t move, will they think I’m a mushroom?


  3. Wonder how it will go over if I say “Hold me beer and watch this!” like that guy did at the crag the other day. I mean, HE had a helmet on, so that must be part of the thing, right?”


  4. Beth Lineberry

    I told you I’m a stud puffin!


  5. Brad

    C demonstrating the fabled Double Drop Knee


  6. HAHAHA, Grace Chu!

    “Where’s my jet pack?”


  7. christie

    “future petzl athlete right here, ya know it”


  8. Joe Lineberry

    I can’t compete with Grace Chu–that gets my vote.
    And I want to say I am proud to have the Cragmama sticker from the last Name that Caption post.


    • Thanks for all the comments guys! And I agree – Grace Chu will be hard to beat…
      @Joe – Glad you are enjoying your sticker 😉

  9. Nicole H

    “Uhh…My shirt says stud puffin, isnt that caption enough for you people” Admittedly, I just want the cragmama sticker! 😀


  10. Reading: Cragmama – Name that Caption: The @PETZL Helmet Head Photoshoot


  11. Dude. I know I can onsite that 5.11b…now if only they’d stop watching me for half a second…


  12. Now, if someone could hand me my treasure map…the cave with the treasure is thisaway!


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“Not all who wander are lost.” —JRR TOLKIEN