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Cragbaby’s Photo Shoot: Anatomy of a Good Jump

As many of you know, I posted up some of the leftover photos from some of the recent Trango shoots last week…but what you probably didn’t know is that during one of those Trango shoots, Cragbaby was involved in a photo session of his own!  My favorite climbing photographer (who also happens to be one of my favorite people period!) knows firsthand just how much my little guy enjoys hamming it up for the camera.  So when she started snapping photos of C jumping off a boulder, his efforts went from casual to full throttle in about 1.4 seconds!  

Everyone, especially Cragbaby, was delighted with how the session went.  From what I could tell, he and Manuela had their partnership down to a science.  And the results were not only breathtakingly clear, but really captured the playful essence of my sweet little guy at the crag.  What can I say?  The camera loves him…and so do I!  🙂


That being said, a photo essay seemed an appropriate way to document the event.  In looking at the series of pictures, it appeared there were a few very distinct stages for the makings of a good jump.  Here’s the step by step (from my eyes of an untrained observer, of course!).

1.  PREP:   Frantic knee bends (while giggling hysterically) is a great warm-up while your photographer is getting ready.  
2.   JUMP:  Full tilt, balls to the wall, no holds barred….just JUMP for all your worth!
3.  INSPECTION:  Everyone knows that a photographer doesn’t always get their shot on the first attempt.  Make sure they are doing their job by inspecting EVERY shot after EVERY jump!
4.  APPRECIATION:  Photographers work hard – be sure to give them a hug and a smile when you are done.  🙂 


Since Cragbaby’s jumping photo shoot, C has since tried to get ME to take more jumping sequence pictures.  But unfortunately, my camera is no where near professional quality, so the pictures end up blurry, and C and I both end up frustrated.  Oh well – my guess is that his heartbreaker smile is sure to earn him another photo shoot with Manuela sometime in the near future!


 What playful moments has your family captured on camera?


3 Responses to “Cragbaby’s Photo Shoot: Anatomy of a Good Jump”

  1. LOL, I love his facial expressions in every shot but especially the last one! Here’s Alex and his cousin Cordy showing how we roll:


  2. Manuela

    HAHA! Believe me, the photographer had at least as much fun as the adorable jumping bean! BTW you forgot a step in there:
    2.5 Land as steady as possible, then wait for photographer’s evaluation on the landing… after 3rd jump start rating yourself and loudly proclaim the chosen category ‘good landing’ or ‘not so good landing’!


    • Erica

      Dave – Thanks for sharing. 🙂
      Manuela – <3

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