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(Another) Baby on Board!!!!!!

Yesterday I posted a picture on facebook that attracted quite a bit of attention.  It was a simple image – a hot dog bun inside of our oven.  But it represented a life change that will be anything but simple…

That’s right folks, our crag-family is expanding once more!  I’m currently 11 weeks, and so far things have been going well.  I was blessed to have a happy, healthy, and by comparison to many, EASY pregnancy the first time around, so fingers crossed that number 2 will be as smooth.

We've got one cookin'...timer set for March 6, 2014!

We’ve got one cookin’…timer set for March 6, 2014!

With C, I thankfully felt well enough to climb all the way up until my due date (well, actually two weeks before, since he arrived early!)  In fact, I’d decided to see how many weeks I could successfully send a route that was 5.11 or harder (safely on a toprope, of course).  I had assumed that at some point I wouldn’t be able to do it, at which point I’d start trying for at least one 5.10 per week, then 5.9, etc.  Then I figured that somewhere along the way climbing would get too uncomfortable to be fun, at which point I’d hang up my harness and chalkbag until our family of three was ready to climb together.  Surprisingly enough, however, I never got to that point, and logged my last 5.11(a) route at our local gym less than 48 hours before C’s arrival. 


But just as every child is completely unique, so is every pregnancy, so I’m certainly not holding myself to any standard of fitness.  After all, now I’ve got a rambunctious 3 year old in the mix (not to mention 3 more years on my body!)  But that being said, while the number 1 “project” for the better part of a year will be growing a baby, I do have a goal to stay as active as I can for as long as I can – in conjunction with doctor’s orders, obviously.  So far so good!


I’ll of course be documenting my journey with Baby #2 over the next few months, so stay tuned for more updates.  I am also proud to be a part of the Mountain Mama: Expecting Adventure Team once more.  This technical apparel maternity company was just getting on their feet toward the end of my pregnancy with C, so I only got to enjoy a few of their prototype clothes for a couple of weeks before going into labor.  So this time around you can bet I’ll be rockin’ their threads just as soon as I’ve got a belly to fit into them (which from the looks of things will be sooner rather than later)! 

So there you have it – the news I kept secret so long I was about to explode (or wait, maybe that was pregnancy gas….).    We’re excited beyond belief, but I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a little bit scared about going “kids x 2,” so any encouraging words would be welcome!  


17 Responses to “(Another) Baby on Board!!!!!!”

  1. betsy

    Congratulations!! Very very exciting! And I understand the nervousness too! I feel the same way and we are waiting one more year before adding to our family! So I wish I had more encouragement for you but I haven’t made that journey yet either. I also wanted to say THANKS for sharing the mountain mama link! I had no idea that existed and sure wish I did when I was preggo with baby A! I’ll definitely be looking too when it’s time! 🙂 Enjoy this new adventure!!


  2. Angel

    So exciting – congrats Erica! C will be the perfect veteran crag-kid and will no doubt relish showing his sib the ropes (double entendre intended). Don’t worry too much about the x2 kid thing. All the stuff that seemed hard the first time around seems much easier, then the newbie will have challenges all his/her own that you didn’t experience with the first. It’s all, as you have already figured out, about being flexible and adjusting as you go. Huge congrats!


  3. Congratulations Erica!!! You said it well, each pregnancy and child is different. Great attitude to have as your adventure continues. 🙂


  4. Congrats! I look forward to reading about your adventures during this pregnancy (especially since I’m hoping to start TTC in a couple months). 🙂


  5. Erica

    Thanks so much for the well wishes everyone 🙂

    Betsy – Yes, Mountain Mama is a must-have for women who refuse to just sit on the couch and eat ice craem all day during their pregnancies (not that that’s not warranted for part of the time… lol)

    Angel – Your advice seems to echo what I’ve heard any parents of 2+ kids say, eveyr time i hear it it’s comforting, so thanks!

    Regina – Thanks so much!


  6. Congrats! C is going to be one lucky big brother, and you one lucky mama! I know people say it just gets harder, but really it just gets more fun!


  7. CONGRATS!! Kristy and I are trying for baby number two right now ourselves!


  8. Wow! It’s a mini baby explosion!! So happy and excited for you guys!!


  9. Congratulations!! That is awesome news!


  10. Erica

    Jessica – Thanks, that’s what our attitude is also!

    Caleb – Awesome, hopfeully they’ll be good news from you soon as well then!

    Mommy Hiker – It must be in the water 😉 Thanks for the congrats!

    Kate – Thank you so much, we are really excited 🙂


  11. Nina

    Congrats you guys 🙂 You will be awesome as usual, don’t you worry! We just had number 3 six months ago and I climbed till a week before delivery again. Crag baby 3 has been to Switzerland and Austria (we’re based in Germany right now) while cragbaby 1 is kicking my ass in hard boulders and cragbaby 2 is getting close. Can’t wait to see what cragbaby 3 will do in a few years 😀 Keep it up and keep writing your blog!


  12. Sarah

    I’m so excited for you!! Congrats!!! 🙂


  13. Congrats Erica!!! So happy for you guys 🙂


  14. Congrats! What wonderful news. Look forward to following your adventures during pregnancy and after.


  15. Erica

    Nina – Thanks for the glimpse into what (hopefully) will be our future! Good to hear that you were able to continue climbing during all of your pregnancies 🙂

    Sarah, Haley, and Melissa – thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂


  16. Congrats, Erica!


  17. CONGRATS! So excited for your family!


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