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Hidden Wall and a New Camera

This past weekend’s adventures were pretty low-key – a Saturday spent at Hidden Wall.  We started late, ended early, and kept things simple.  Our main objective actually was trying out the new camera we’d purchased the week before – a Sony Alpha a6000.  For years we’ve been pretty dissatisfied with our point and shoots, but we had a hard time justifying the bulk of a digital SLR in combination with all the other gear we have to carry into the crag.  But recently we’d been hearing a lot about the mirrorless system, which is a lot more compact.  So after reading up and talking up a few folks we know that have gone that way, we decided to go for it!

A sweet girl...

A sweet girl…

...who was SUPPOSED to be going to sleep!

…who was SUPPOSED to be going to sleep!

Now granted, we are far from professional photographers…BUT so far we are really happy with the results.  It came with a 16-50mm lens and we purchased a 55-210mm telephoto lens in addition.  While for sure bigger than a little point and shoot, the whole setup is still surprisingly compact.  It’s not any more inconvenient to hike into the crag, and while we obviously haven’t done it yet, dragging it up a multi-pitch seems reasonable as well.

Steve with some fancy footwork on Slabster's Lament (5.12a)

Steve with some fancy footwork on Slabster’s Lament (5.12a)

Slabster's Lament, mid-crux

Slabster’s Lament, mid-crux

Me heading left for Koma's Arete (5.11d)

Me heading left for Koma’s Arete (5.11d)

Ordinarily I wouldn’t warrant a trip report in order for such a casual day of local craggin’, but I was excited to share a few pics from the new camera.

My favorite part about this shot is the gleeful photobomber in the background

My favorite part about this shot is the gleeful photobomber in the background

My handsome, ragamuffin boy.

My handsome, ragamuffin boy.

I must admit, "Lord of the Flies" came to mind...

I must admit, “Lord of the Flies” came to mind…

Oh and you may have noticed the kids got a “little dirty.” As in, it took more than one round of bathwater to get everyone clean. There’s just something about the dirt at Hidden Wall that always makes my children look like chimney sweepers…oh well, I guess their immune systems should be in tip top shape right about now!

Little Orphan Z...

Little Orphan Z…


Hopefully you can look forward to much better pictures on this blog from now on!


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  1. Julia

    These pictures are so adorable!


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