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Wee Woollies for Wee Explorers!

So excited about Wee Woollies!

So excited about Wee Woollies!

What do you get when you combine a love of the outdoors, family, and sustainability?  Probably a lot of great things, but the one worth mentioning today is Wee Woollies!  Wee Woollies is a small Canadian company with a vision for providing comfortable, adventure-worthy clothing to all the wee people in your life!  All of their products are made using the highest-quality New Zealand merino wool.  Here’s a little bit about their merino, as well as what we think of their products!


If you think merino wool is just a more expensive version of cotton, think again.  Yes, it’s a lot more expensive, but there are A LOT of good reasons why you get what you pay for!  Pure merino is: hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, moisture wicking, breathable, high UV protection, machine washable, and stink resistant, just to name a few. Definitely worth the cost in my book!


The only thing cuter than one snuggly little kiddo covered in Wee Woollies merino is TWO snuggly kiddos in Wee Woollies merino!  Such beautiful combinations of soft, happy colors!  Big C and Baby Zu’s outfits were perfect camping jammies (or just plain ole around-the-house jammies), but they can definitely be worn as regular daytime clothes, or as baselayers under warm clothes.

A couple of cute camp helpers.

A couple of cute camp helpers.


These clothes are unbelievably soft, and make for THE BEST cuddles…day or night!  I totally wish they came in my size.  You know they’re comfy when a 5 year old boy chooses them over his favorite super hero pajamas.  And Baby Zu was so sweet in hers I didn’t want to put her down!

Sibling sweetness in the tent.

Sibling sweetness in the tent.



Last weekend my kiddos rocked their baselayers for 2 days straight.  By day they splashed in the creek (taking advantage of the quick-dry and stay-warm-when-wet properties of merino!).  By night they cozied up in them in the tent.  After a wash and short line-dry, they were good as new and soft as ever, with no pilling.


Not all wool is created equal, and the merino wool from Wee Woollies is top notch.  Taken from their website: “As an environmentally friendly Bluesign® approved fabric, our merino is processed without exposure to chlorine or harsh chemicals and is made with non-toxic dyes ensuring a completely natural product through and through.”  This wool also passed Canada’s stringent flammability testing (required for all children’s clothing), WITHOUT the use of any added chemical flame retardants.

Wet wool is still warm wool, even in chilly water!

Wet wool is still warm wool, even in chilly water!

Wee Woollies graciously provided the kiddos with these baselayer sets for purposes of this review (although all opinions expressed here are our OWN!).  However, there’s plenty more merino to be found on the Wee Woollies website – from beanies, to onesies, to sleep sacks, oh my!  AND – not only did they just release some bright new colors for fall, the folks at Wee Woollies are offering a special 10% off discount code especially for all of you!  So if you are looking to outfit your young explorers with the best that nature has to offer, check them out here, and use promo code CRAGMAMA when prompted (valid through Sunday, August 2.)

Any other merino fans out there?  Have you tried Wee Woollies yet?  Feel free to comment below to get the discussion going…


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