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Veyo Mittyz: World’s Best Mitten for Kids!

Initial reaction...definitely tolerable!

Her first impression: “Tolerable. I won’t rip them off.”

This post is for all of us out there that have had to endure the painstaking process of gearing up a child under the age of 5 to play outside in cold weather.  (If you HAVEN’T experienced the agony pleasure, tag along with a mom friend one morning at the park…it’s the stuff birth control is made of.)  But for those of you that are wrestling with boots, gloves, hats, scarves, coats, and cranky toddlers every morning, here’s a little something that might just rock your world a little bit.

They’re called “mittyz,” and they are made by Veyo Kids, a small family company out of Salt Lake City, UT.  I might not be entirely sure how to pronounce them, but I now pronounce them “world’s greatest mitten,” because this product has completely streamlined our getting-out-the-door process on cold mornings.  (I say mornings, because down here in the South we haven’t had too many “all day cold” days yet.)

Hands down these gloves are the easiest to put on that I’ve ever seen.  You just pull ’em on, and cinch ’em up!  No more battles with tiny fingers and even tinier thumb holes, and no more stuffing bulky jackets down narrow glove sleeves.  The Veyo website sums it up pretty nicely: “Win the thumb wars once and for all!”

But it takes more than just a few “easy-on” features to make a good glove.  It obviously has to keep little hands and fingers warm and dry as well.  And the Veyo Mittyz do just that.  Our testing conditions were admittedly not arctic, but what we lacked in snow was made up for in sub-freezing mud puddles.

Ordinarily Baby Zu is not too keen on any sort of glove, but these got a decidedly “okay” reception at first glance.  I mean, really, who could resist those little penguin faces?!?  Once she realized the gloves were there to stay, she decided to try to actually use her hands, and appeared to be pleasantly surprised.  She toddled around clapping her hands and stacking rocks all morning with a reasonable amount of dexterity.  Most importantly, when I took them off, her hands were toasty warm.

"Ok mom.  If I have to wear gloves, these are cool!"

“Ok mom. If I have to wear gloves, these are cool!”

There are two other features that we haven’t gotten to try out yet, but are worth noting.  First, the entire glove can be turned inside out for easy drying.  To me this sounds far superior than dealing with separate liners and outer shells that never seem to fit back together the right way.  Additionally, the entire glove is soft, as opposed to just one spot, which will hopefully go a along way to preventing chafing during the runny nose season.

That being said….who wants a pair?!?  To enter, all you have to do is enter your email below!


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