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M.A.P. Footwear Review

Trying to sneak away with big brothers shoes...

This one caught trying to sneak away with big brothers shoes…

A few months ago our family got the chance to try out some children’s shoes from M.A.P footwear.  Each kiddo got to choose a pair (Troy for Big C, and Lillith Toddler for Little Z.)  Both pairs are similar in style to outdoorsy children’s shoes from other brands.  Cute, yet very functional, ie Mary Janes with a very thick sole.

Prior to this review, I’d never heard of M.A.P before, but after realizing their name stands for “Motion, Adventure, and Play,” it was a match made in heaven, because those 3 words are a few of our favorite things!

What first caught my attention was the price…while most other outdoor brands charge anywhere from $50-$100 for their offerings, most M.A.P. shoes are available for $30 or less at places like Target and Amazon!  I’ll be honest, at first I was a little skeptical about the durability of these shoes.  A lot of times, especially in the world of outdoor gear, you get what you pay for.  But both kiddos have been rocking their new kicks all summer and into fall.  And so far, both shoes are showing surprisingly little wear.  They’ve worn these shoes on the trail, on the rocks, in the creeks, and of course, in the mud.  The materials have held up well, and a “pressure wash” from the garden hose has been plenty good enough to keep the colors looking good enough to wear to other, “less adventurous” places (church, school, etc.)

Cool features worth mentioning for the Troy (boy’s shoe) are the slingshot lace system, complete with velcro across the toes to prevent the laces from flopping around.  Little Z’s favorite part about her Lillith’s are the sparkles, go figure.  😉

Big C's Troy shoes

Big C’s Troy shoes

The traction on both shoes is really good, and is great for hiking, scrambling, and rock hopping across a stream.  Since my kids sometimes (ie, ALWAYS) end up in the water during said rock hops, it’s nice to also note that both pairs of shoes dried really quickly, and didn’t rub any hot spots on tender tootsies, even when worn without socks.  (However, like with most shoes worn without socks, beware the smell factor after a long day playing outside!)

...this time with the correct shoes ;)

…this time with the correct shoes 😉

After adventuring with these shoes for several months, I would definitely consider purchasing a pair another time, and would for sure recommend these to a friend.  The jury is still out as to whether they will stand the ultimate test of time (handing down to another sibling or friend), but so far so good!  We sized generously so hopefully we won’t be ready to pass them on for a while yet.  But at this price point, the ability to go for another round seems like a bonus rather than an absolute necessity.

So if you’re kiddos need some new footwear for fall, check out M.A.P. here, or at a retail store near you!



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