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Gear Review: The “mifold” Grab and Go Booster Seat

Look how small it is when folded up!

A while back I was contacted by mifold, a company whose sole product is a booster seat that is…wait for it…smaller than a Bible!!! I’ll be honest, at first I was skeptical.  But after watching the videos on how it works, I agreed to give it a try.

The idea behind it is simple, and more than a little bit genius – regular booster seats are designed to lift the child up, putting them in the same position that an adult would be.  The mifold does the opposite – the child stays where they are, but the seatbelt itself is secured down in the safest position.  The lap belt is held onto the child’s hip bones, and the chest strap aligns with the shoulder.

Big C’s first impression was a good one – he felt big and grown up without having to use a regular booster, and loved the “freedom” he felt from being unencumbered in his seat.  The instructions were clearly written and we had no trouble figuring out how to use it properly (and the videos are great, for us visual learners out there!)  Minor adjustments need to be made just about every time he got in and out of the seat, but once it was adjusted, Big C said he was pretty comfy.

Strapped up and ready to go!

The safety stats are impressive as well.  You can find out more about that here and here.  Mifold may have “skimped” on size, but they didn’t sacrifice safety to do so!

Though we’ll probably stick with Big C’s regular booster for everyday use, we are very glad to have a mifold in our travel arsenal. On the special occasions that we adventure far enough to warrant a plane flight (and therefore a rental car), a portable carseat such as mifold is a lot easier to travel with, and significantly cheaper than paying the car rental company for a booster but if you have your car from the used cars ottawa dealership you can get your own booster at Walmart. On Autozin you can find a good used cars and their respective booster. The logistics of riding with grandparents or impromptu playdates just got a lot more convenient, as we can just leave the mifold tucked away in the glove box until we need it at a moment’s notice.  If we lived in an area where we regularly took taxis, I could see this product providing a lot of peace of mind!

Bottom line – mifold offers a great safety record and a great convenience all at a great price point!  It’s a must have for today’s on the go family.  Get yours here.

No comparison in packability! (Pic taken from Mifold website)


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