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An “Experience Gift”…and the Need for Speed

Me, my dad, and Samuel L. Jackson…just kidding that’s the burly seat belt strapper guy ūüėČ

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the type of person that values a meaningful experience more than tangible luxuries. ¬†I’d rather have a giant birthday bash with friends than open a ton of presents. ¬†Family vacations rank higher on the to-do list than replacing kitchen countertops. ¬†And gift cards are always more enjoyable to spend on a shopping date with the giver. ¬†That being said, when Cloud 9 Living introduced themselves to me as a company that offered “experiences rather than stuff,” I knew this was my kind of company. ¬†

Founded in 2005 in Boulder Colorado, Cloud 9 Living is in the business of checking off “bucket list” items – either for yourself, or for someone else. ¬†Their theory is that memories last longer than stuff, so they offer over 1700 unique gift experiences in 43 different regions of the country – from hot air ballooning to fighter pilot rides, and everything in between. ¬†Cool idea, huh? ¬†Even cooler is that I got a chance to participate in one of these experiences – a “Stock Car Ride-a-long” at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for free, in exchange for an unbiased review! ¬†But experiences are always better when they’re shared with those that you love, so it only seemed logical that I invite…my dad. ¬†Seem random? ¬†It’s actually not at all. ¬†First of all, my dad has ALWAYS wanted to ride on a race track (between you and me though I’m not really sure why, as I can count on one hand the number of times he’s actually sat down and watched a NASCAR race). ¬†Secondly, my dad and I have a long history of father/daughter experiences over the past thirty-some years. ¬†As I mentioned in a Father’s Day post this past summer, my childhood memories of these adventures are a blur of mountains, coonskin caps, bears, and swinging bridges, and our grown-up adventures usually involve bikes and some sort of mishap. ¬†And now I can add “race cars” to that list of memories! ¬†

Cragbaby was stoked that I got to ride in the “M n M Car.”

But the best part about this father/daughter experience is that my mom and I were able to keep it as a surprise from my dad until the day of the event! ¬†For the past two months he has been insanely jealous, under the false impression that he and my mom were going to sit with Cragbaby at the race track while I took my victory laps. ¬†Every phone call of late has included him asking if there was any way he would be able to ride too (to which I would always reply, “I’ve never seen a race car with a backseat…”). ¬†So you can imagine the look on his face when we get to the race track and I took him by the arm and headed to the Rider Check-In station! ¬†Priceless – that right there made the entire experience worthwhile! ¬†

Although I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to wear racing suits (they were only for the folks taking part in the “Driving School”), I must say that we looked pretty tough in our helmets and neck straps. ¬†But it obviously affected my hearing, because I couldn’t understand a lick of the driver’s safety spiel as I climbed into the car (FYI race cars don’t have doors…). ¬†While I was watching his lips move and nodding, a burly man secured me into my seat with a strapping system so elaborate that I had no hope of being able to get out of it on my own. ¬†The burly man gave me an encouraging pat on the shoulder, the driver said “Here we go!”, and I gave Cragbaby a wave…and then we were off. ¬†And I mean OFF. ¬†I had read that each ride-a-long consisted of three laps – a warm-up lap, a race lap, and a cool-down lap. ¬†So needless to say I was shocked that my face felt like I was riding the “Gravitron” at the very first turn. ¬†

“Go Mommy, Go!!!”

I like to think that the focus and mental toughness required in a sport like rock climbing has given me a fairly high fear threshold…but evidently something is lost in translation from rock to race track because this was a lot more intense than I was expecting. ¬†You know that feeling when you’re at the tail end of the first big drop on a roller coaster, and you start to get that almost panicked feeling that your stomach can’t take much more (and then 2 seconds later the roller coaster starts going back up)? ¬†That’s how I felt for pretty much the entire ride. ¬†We screamed around each turn so fast (170 mph to be exact) that I couldn’t figure out how all 4 tires were managing to stay on the track. I found myself death-gripping the sides of the seat, and at one point I even had to close my eyes for a couple of seconds to take a deep breath. ¬†(When I opened them, we were just as close to the side walls as we were ¬†before…) ¬†I’m pretty sure that the guy driving the speeding bullet we were enclosed in wasn’t stressed at all – in fact, it was probably a pretty casual day at the office for him. ¬† As we hit the second straightaway on lap 2, I pictured all the folks I’ve taken outdoors for their first time on the rocks and realized ironically, that the level of intensity I was feeling is probably similar to what those first-timers were feeling…(and what is it they say about “Karma?”)

I would definitely say that I have a newfound respect for Nascar drivers – I can’t imagine the focus and fine motor control it takes to manuever a car that fast amongst 40 other drivers…all of whom are trying to cross the finish line first! ¬†(Geez, and people say that CLIMBING is dangerous?!?) ¬†Obviously, there are different strokes for different folks, but as for me, I’m far more comfortable in the vertical realm. ¬†

And my dad? ¬†He loved every minute of it! ¬†According to my mom he talked nonstop about it the entire way home. ¬†And I’m pretty certain his buddies will start tuning out his play by play long about the 18th time they hear it! ¬†Though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, you could make a case that a part of Christmas came a little early this year for our family, especially for my dad. ¬†I’m grateful that I had this opportunity to share with him, and I would highly recommend considering an experience gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your family. ¬†Poke around Cloud 9 Living’s website to see what opportunities are available in your area, and while you’re there, be sure to enter their “9 Days of Christmas” contest. ¬†It’s running now all the way through December 23rd, and there are (you guessed it) 9 chances to win, all in the days leading up to Christmas!

You might as well enter – what have you got to lose?!?




6 Responses to “An “Experience Gift”…and the Need for Speed”

  1. Nice review! Looks like a blast, I really wouldn’t have expected driving around a circle to be so scary! Though, I have only once experienced 100mph, and twice that fast would be terrifying, no doubt.

    “Turn left! Go straight! Turn left!” Hee hee. ūüôā


    • Erica

      Kate – I know, right?!? I didn’t expect it to be scary either. Maybe I’m just a wimp lol. ūüôā

  2. Brandy

    Love that you got to surprise your dad – so sweet!


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  5. Nice experience, speed is pure adrenaline.


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