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Hey Baby Let’s Go To Vegas…Without the Baby!!!

We’ve got a big milestone coming up in our household.  Any guesses?  Nope…not potty training (unfortunately).  You probably won’t guess, so I’ll just tell you – my first overnighter away from Cragbaby!  For the past 2 years and almost 8 months I’ve woken up every morning in the same house as C (and for a good bit of that time, in the same bed!)  And except for the occasional date night for New Year’s Eve and extended family vacations where C’s grandparents give us a night off from the bedtime routine, I’ve been there to give a good night kiss every night as well.  So the next few days will be monumental not only for C, but for the entire family! 

Why Vegas, you might ask?  Good question.  We are creatures of opportunity, and have established somewhat of a loose tradition of playing for real money in the USA (if doing something one other time counts as a tradition…).  Every year the hubster gets to go geek out at the annual Microsoft Sharepoint Conference – last year it was in Anaheim (which meant that while I was playing the role of single mom for a week, Steve was riding Space Mountain), and the time before that was in Seattle.  But more often than not, it’s in Vegas, which is where the loosely established tradition comes into play.  The last time the conference was in Vegas I was 17 weeks preggers with C.  I had some vacation days to kill, and we figured what better place for a baby-moon than Vegas?!?   So I flew out to meet Steve after his conference was over, and we enjoyed a long weekend of desert sandstone in the land of excess.  We had a blast out there (trip report here), so when we found out the conference would be in Vegas again this fall, I got right on the phone with my mom (aka Gaga), to see if she’d be willing to watch C for a few days.  Thankfully, she said yes, and we went out and booked flights that night.  

Us in Calico Tanks back in 2009 – with my 4 month baby bump just starting to come into view 😉

Fast forward to today – Steve has been gone all week (at the conference), and I’ve had a lot of Mommy/Son time.  Plenty of time to get excited beyond belief about the idea of a weekend with just me and the hubs…and plenty of time to delight in my little guy and realize just how much I’m going to miss him.  It’ll be tough to leave him for sure, but I think this will be a good experience for everyone involved.  C is really excited about staying with Gaga and Paw Paw for the weekend – to be honest, it’ll probably be harder on me than it will be on him! 

 I leave tomorrow!  And our travel agenda will consist of 1 night in the Mandalay Bay (courtesy of the company tab), 2 nights in the Fiesta Rancho (sounds ghetto, but it’s a great  casino option that’s a lot closer to Red Rock Canyon than anything on the strip and there was a strange-looking guy letting people learn how to become a bookie here), and 3 days of climbing (yay, multi-pitch!!!!!).  We’re both taking red-eye flights back on Sunday night, banking on the fact that seeing C in the morning will be worth the few extra hours of sleep lost.  

For those of you that have gone down this road before – any words of wisdom?  How old was your little one when you took the plunge, and how did it go (if it was a positive experience, please leave a detailed comment now…if it was horrible, maybe wait until next week when I get back. Just kidding.  Kind of  😉 )


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  1. Linda

    Shawn was just 3 when I left him the first time. He had no concept of time, so telling him Mommy would be back in 4 days meant nothing….but looking in a little bag of tiny toys did…one for each day when he woke in the morning, and when the bag was empty, that meant that Mommy was coming home that day. So little things like Matchbox cars, or a ball, or a big chunky chalk were the items, and it worked very well to help him understand, and work on his number skills at the same time. Have a great time!


  2. We have always had a tradition of going away for our anniversary. The first time we left our oldest, he was 8 months old and we left him at Grandma and Grandpas for the night. Although it was hard, it made us really understand how important it is to take time away from the kids just for us. It’s good for your marriage, good for your kids to have a change, and in the end, everyone is much happier and rejeuventated!


  3. Alex was 2 months when I flew out to Colorado for an advanced avalanche course. I flew back the very next day as he had quickly gotten sick and had to be kept overnight in ICU (RSV) for 3 days. He recovered fully, but I haven’t had an away trip since. I’ll head out to Washington state in January but at 15 months he is much more robust.

    P.S. Love Red Rocks, from my last trip out there


  4. I’ve had a few trips away from the fam for work in the last two years, but the first “vacation” that Mark and I took was last January. I had a conference in Honolulu (I know, right?) and Mark came along for the week. It was nice, but I wanted the trip to be “worth it” (worth leaving our kiddo for five days, worth the expense for us and my office, worth the time of my parents, etc) so badly, that I totally stressed myself out all week. On the last day, I was finally able to unwind, and it was marvelous. Moral of my story: don’t build this up as some huge thing. Just enjoy the time off and be happy!


  5. We left our daughter at 1 year old to go camping and climbing for the weekend. It was bliss! Everything was so EASY. LOL. Since then, we have left her overnight many times with the grandparents and starting at 3, she stayed with them a full week twice a year or so. It’s healthy to get away. Try not to talk about the kid while you’re gone- just enjoy each other!


  6. Enjoy the multipitch opportunities! Cragbaby will be fine. Just have a good time and take advantage of being unencumbered. If you want any route suggestions, let me know and remember it’s a lot cooler in those canyons than in the city.


  7. Erica

    Linda – That’s a good idea. I made a calendar for C with what is going on each day, so that he can cross off each event as it takes place, and I’m also sending “good night” and “good morning” videos in case I can’t get to a phone at those times b/c of the time change.

    Jessica – And I’m sure Grandma and Grandpa like it too!

    David – Yikes, I bet that was terrifying! Thanks for sharing the video – Birdland is one of our options for Day 1, so that was neat to see!

    Kate C – Fair advice, thanks! 🙂

    Nopo Girl – I’m sure he’ll come up in conversation, but hopefully w’ell have other stuff to talk about too…it is Vegas after all 😉

    Aimee – I emailed you some questions about routes 😉


  8. Megan

    Congratulations on getting out of the house!! Our little man was six months old when we had our first nights away. Life threw a 2 week road trip our way. We started in Washington state, and ended up in Georgia (picked up small fry in Texas from my Mom). Bad news: missed him like CRAZY!! Good news: it was good for both him and us. We got much needed Mommy and Daddy time (mountain biking, climbing, hiking, etc) in some of the most beautiful places on the west coast and the south. Meanwhile he was learning a bit of independence. He’s had quite a few overnights without us since then (although never for that stretch of time), and it shows in the ease with which he is able to adapt to situations. Hope that helps – have an awesome time and enjoy it!!!!


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