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Hey-o, Veyo’s Back!

Ok so this darling little company that makes amazing kid’s mittens didn’t actually go anywhere, but I reeeeaaaally wanted that to be the title of my post, so indulge me please.  Although if you live in the South, you probably haven’t given winter gear a second thought since, say, February.  But it’s that time of year again, the time when you drag out all that winter wear and realize JUST HOW MUCH your kiddos have grown in a matter of mere months (and also how much you love that cute pair of super warm boots…but that’s for another post.)

Straight outta the box first impressions...

Straight outta the box first impressions…

So for those of you with kiddos that have completely outgrown their previous pair of mittens, let me reintroduce you to Veyo Kids, a small family company whose mission is to “end thumb wars once and for all!”  Designing a mitten that is easy on and off for baby/toddler sized hands that actually keeps hands WARM and DRY is no small feat, I am certain.  We loved this mitts last year…but the updates they have made this year means this little piece of gear is shaping up to be a winter favorite.

First off, the mitts dry even faster than before.  I love that we can come inside at lunch, turn them inside out, and they are dry and ready to go again after naptime.  What’s more, these mitts are not just water resistant during snow play…they kept Little Zu’s hands dry even when submerged in a bucket of ice cold water!!!  To be honest, I would have thought that a water dunking challenge would be too much to ask from any glove, but Veyo Kids actually suggested that we try it to test it out!  (And as a side note, please tell me that my children are not the only ones who dig the water table every season of the year…)

Last year Little Z had penguin mittyz, while Big C got tiger paws.  But this year Little Z is psyched about the newest pattern designs, so that she can be a little pink tiger right alongside her big bro!  Anyone else want a pair?  Veyo Kids has graciously agreed to give out a pair each to not one but TWO lucky Cragmama readers!  And if you can’t wait for the contest to end you can get these mittyz for 25% off AND free shipping through Cyber Monday.  (And if you buy some for your child and end up winning a free pair…no worries, the extra pair would make a great Christmas gift for a niece, nephew, or neighbor!  To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter widget below.  Comment on the blog with your favorite Veyo Kids design, and be sure to visit their facebook page for an extra entry!  Contest will run thru December 1, and the winner will be contacted and announced via social media shortly thereafter.  Happy mitt-ing!

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13 Responses to “Hey-o, Veyo’s Back!”

  1. My kiddo would love the orange tiger paws!


  2. I love these Mittens!!


  3. Amanda B

    I really like the penguins!


  4. Breanna G

    My kiddos love the tiger paws! So cute and so functional for small critters. And I cannot express my gratitude for this company making them so easy to clean and get on and off, I swear its always a battle with mittens at the house.


  5. Jaime Oostenink

    I love the pink tiger paws!


  6. Michelle

    I love the penguins!


  7. Kyleigh Kai

    These mittens are genius, perfect for toddlers who won’t keep mittens on in the winter! Would love a pair of these paws!


  8. Lydia Mullins

    I swear I saw pirates at one point…we are super into pirates right now!


  9. We would love the skully ones!


  10. BRYNN Moe

    I love the snowflake ones.


  11. Diane Richards

    I love the penguins, but my niece loves flutter mittyz. The pink tiger paws are pretty darn adorable, too!


  12. Anne

    Genius! Such an amazing idea for kids mittens or rather mittzys, no thumb hole! I’m all for making this momma’s life easier! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! Fingers are virtually crossed.


  13. I love the flutter mittyz! They would match my eaughters winter jacket wonderfully. My son has drago mittyz already. They are so soft and guaranteed to keep hands warm, snow out! We love veyo mittyz!


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